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IS Tactical Versioning


You Start It.  We Finish It.

Our finishing agency specializes in off-platform sizing, versioning, re-skinning, localization color correct and mix. We do it for brands you know like Disney+, Disney+ International, HBO, Peacock and Showtime.  Let us do it for you. 

Why Thresher Media

Tactical versioning is new.  And it's hard.  But it doesn't have to be.
Your content has never been better.  Your campaign is on point.  But your audience is everywhere.
You need to hit every platform.  At the same time.  In every market.
Thresher makes it easy.
Codecs.  Bitrates.  Pain-in-the-Aspect Ratios.  They bedevil you at every turn.

But Thresher makes it easy.
We version and deliver hundreds of spots per day for brands you know.  And love.  We version when specs change in seconds.  We version right.  On time.  Every time.
We promise: 

Dedicated teams who work for you.  Just you.

A custom algorithm you can't get anywhere else.  Easy 6- 12- or 24-month retainers.
Error rates below 2%.


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